Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Staff Monday--Summer Staff Round 2!

Yesterday, our last five summer staff left Shell heading back to the US. The rest of us here at Casa de Fe are sad to see them go; yet, we are glad to have shared part of the summer with them, and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for them.


Where are you from? That's a hard question for a missionary kid to answer! I was born in Chicago, where my parents are from, but we moved to Shell, Ecuador when I was two. At the age of twelve we moved to Tennessee. I consider both Shell, Ecuador and Newport, TN home.

How old are you? 18

How/when did you first come to Ecuador? My first time in Shell I was just a few months old. My parents came down as working visitors and then moved here more permanently when I was two.

Why did you give up your summer to serve here at Casa de Fe? I have visited Casa de Fe twice as the member of a work team after moving back to the States. I realized that second time that coming for just a week just wasn't enough. I wanted time to get to know the kids and more fully experience living in Shell again. Coming for a week just wasn't going to cut it anymore. I didn't want to just know a few of the kids' names and give them quick hugs, I wanted the opportunity to make them part of my life. I am so humbled that each and every day I get the opportunity to just be with them--whether that's tutoring, working on craft projects, playing games, or just cuddling while watching a movie.

What is your favorite thing about being summer staff? OR What has been the favorite thing about this summer? Once again, the kids. It was such an awesome feeling when they began to greet me excitedly in the morning by name, or when they began to ask how soon they could go up to the school for their class or reading time with the other summer volunteers and me. It's truly humbling how much they enjoy the simple activities we prepare for them, and great motivation to keep giving everything we have to make the summer fun!

What are your plans when you leave CdF this summer? After completing eight weeks at Casa, I'll be spending some time at home with family before heading back to Wheaton College (IL) where I'm studying International Relations and Spanish.


Where are you from? Jacksonville, Florida

How old are you? 20

How/when did you first come to Ecuador? I first came as a junior in highschool, in 2010. My dad knew Patti Sue and knew that I had a heart for kids so he brought me along with a small team from my church who was working on the Multi-Use Building and making a short video for Casa de Fe. When we first came, CdF was still in the old space. Getting to be a part of the building process and seeing it completed was truly amazing.

Why did you give up your summer to serve here at CdF? After my first two trips to CdF, I realized that coming for a week just wasn't long enough. I wanted more time with the kids, building relationships and serving however I could. My heart was broken for Ecuador not only the first time I came, but every time that I have returned since then. Basically, nothing made more sense than coming back and serving for a month this summer; I just knew this was where God was calling me.

What is your favorite thing about being summer staff? OR What has been the favorite thing about this summer?

Is it too cliche to say the kids?

My heart melts every morning as I walk through the doors and see those sweet faces turn to look at me with bright eyes and smiles. I want to be a teacher so, for me, what better way could I spend my days than hanging out with kids?

Plus, how cool is it to be spending a summer living on the edge of the jungle?!

What are your plans when you leave CdF this summer? I am an education major at University of Florida, so I am going home to complete my final two years of college. BUT, I hope to be back as much as possible throughout those two years.

So, the common theme from these two ladies? ONE WEEK IS NOT ENOUGH! How about you? Are you considering a trip to Casa de Fe? A week may not be enough, but it is a good place to start. We'd love to have you be a part of what the Lord is doing here in the lives of these kids.

For more information on volunteering whether a few days, few months or few years, drop an email to Christy (Christy (at) and Tandy (tandy (at)

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