Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fundraising Friday--Car Wash

Okay... am I the only geek that hears the song playing in my head every time I hear the words "car wash"?!

Silly songs aside, a car wash is a great and fairly easy fundraiser that our supporters can use to raise money for Casa de Fe. Step-by-step, here's how we've pulled off several successful car washes...

1. Recruit help. A carwash is NOT a one-man show. Recruit your family and friends to help.

2. Select a date, and secure a location. These two need to be done pretty-much simultaneously, especially if you are using someone else's property for your location.

In choosing a location, your own driveway will work fine IF... you have a lot of traffic on your street and IF... traffic can still flow smoothly. Your neighbors may not be very pleased if they can't get off their street on Saturday morning.

For choosing a date, weekdays can work okay, but Saturdays are probably best.

3. Collect your necessary tools. You'll need water hoses, buckets, carwash soap, carwash brushes and rags. You may also want to use glass cleaner on the windshield and lights.

4. Make signage. You can't have a successful carwash without posting signage to let people know you'll wash their cars! This is a great project for the kids. A few posterboards and markers are all you need. Be sure to post your price per car, or as we've done successfully, advertise "FREE Carwash--Donations Only!"

5. Show up on time and ready to wash cars! Be sure to tell your customers that you're raising money for Casa de Fe. Many will donate extra for such a cause. This is also a great opportunity to help spread the word about our Child Sponsorship Program. It could be as simple as handing out a flyer to each customer with information about Casa de Fe and the link to our Child Sponsorship page.

Carwashes can easily profit $500 or more! When your carwash is done, don't forget to mail your tax-deductible donation to CornerStone International, P.O. Box 192, Wilmore, KY 40390. Be sure to write "Casa de Fe" in the memo of your check.

And if you're in Canada, you can write your cheque to our Canadian sending agency, ACCI at: Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives 89 Auriga, Nepean, ON K2E 7Z2 Canada.

So, do you have tips for holding a successful carwash?
Are you planning to hold a carwash to support Casa de Fe?
Leave us a comment, and tell us about it!

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