Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fundraising Friday--Buy a Book!

That's right. By buying a book, you can support the work of Casa de Fe. But you can't buy just any book. No. When you buy THIS book,
100% of the profits are donated to Casa de Fe.

Author and Casa de Fe supporter, Christie Pettus, wrote this book about her family's first experience visiting and serving in Ecuador. Since that first trip two years ago, the Pettuses have organized and brought a team made up of a group of their friends for another mission trip to Casa de Fe.

From the book:

What would compel our young family of four to step way outside of our comfort zone and board a plane to Ecuador to spend a week hanging out with a group of orphans? God’s voice. This is our story about hearing God’s call, pushing aside fear to listen, and allowing an unplanned experience to change our family forever.
This e-book is available for immediate download on Amazon Kindle as well as Nook. At only $8.39, you can support orphans and be inspired by a great true story.

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