Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday's Child--Jimmy

Jimmy first came to live at Casa de Fe in 2010. The following year, his mother regained custody of Jimmy and his older siblings. Unfortunately, she was not able to care for her children once she took them home. Jimmy ended up living with an adult sister for a while until he decided to come back to Casa de Fe. This young man took a bus from his hometown and then walked to Casa de Fe. Jimmy wanted a better life, and he knew he would have opportunities and a loving home at Casa de Fe. 
Jimmy enjoys school and riding bikes. 

If you would like to help us provide opportunities for success for Jimmy, you could become his sponsor for a gift of $45/month. When you become Jimmy's sponsor, you will have the opportunity to communicate with him on a regular basis via email. To learn more about the Child Sponsorship program, please visit the Casa de Fe website

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  1. Hi Jimmy! You are a wonderful young man. We enjoyed meeting you at Christmas and Stephen enjoyed working with you. We hope you are doing well. Love, the Brannens