Monday, March 10, 2014

Meet the Staff--Matt & Christy

Meet the Hayes, Matt and Christy. After living all over the west and northwest portions of the US, Matt and Christy, along with their children, Libby and Loren, join us at Casa de Fe from their most recent home in Nampa, Idaho.  

How long have you lived in Ecuador/worked at Casa de Fe?

Christy lived in Quito for several years as a missionary kid while growing up. Our family has been working with Casa de Fe since June 2013. 

What did you do before you came here?

Matt: Before I worked at Casa de Fe, I had my own business.
Christy: I was in Executive Management for a large corporation.

Why did you come here?

Matt: I came to Casa de Fe as an act of obedience to God.  God's calling me into partnering with CdF was not "go to Casa de Fe" as many experience.  What God asked of me was "follow Me as far as I lead". The path He laid before me lead to Casa de Fe.

Christy: I came to Casa de Fe out of obedience to God calling me here. I am not fully certain on His plans for using me here, but I look forward to ever day and each opportunity to serve.

What is your job/role at Casa de Fe?

Matt: My official titles at Casa de Fe are Director of Finances and Director of Transportation.

Christy: I am Director of HR and Teams. I help with team planning, recruiting, hiring, missionary staff training, and publicity, among other things.

What is your favorite thing about Ecuador/your job at CdF?

Matt: The people at Casa de Fe are my favorite aspect of Casa de Fe.  I really enjoy developing relationships with the children and Ecuadorian staff.  I love long term relationship based ministry, but often in the past, I only had a chance to meet with people weekly. Here at Casa, I am able to build relationships daily with people.

Christy: My favorite thing here are the people. I love getting the chance to love the kids, staff, volunteers, groups, and the community here. I desire to show God's love to everyone I come into contact with.

What is your least favorite thing about Ecuador/your job at CdF?

Matt: There is never enough time/energy to do all the things I would like to do.  I do not like that here on the equator there is not a natural time reference.  The days are the same length year round, all four seasons are the same, the weather is basically always the same.  Other than the calendar, there is not a good time reference. Because of this, time seems to pass very quickly.

Christy: Not having a full service grocery store in Shell. I would like to do all my shopping at once. Or at least twice and not really the four stops it takes to shop here. I have to go to the store that carries all the household cleaning supplies, then I need to go to the vegetable and fruit market, then the butcher, and then when I don't have certain things, then I go to the local shop. Whew! Too much time, too much energy, and without a car, it can be a headache. One stop shopping sounds great!

How can our readers pray for you?

Matt: Please pray for the continued development of my relationship with the older boys here at Cdf.

Christy: Pray for my family. We are all continuing to learn Spanish in order to be more effective in our roles and in our relationships. Pray for my two children especially as they have had their entire world changed. 

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  1. Love you all! We were blessed to meet and spend time with your family while at CDF. May the Lord continue to guide you in all that you do.