Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday's Child--Naomi

Many of the friends of Casa de Fe are already familiar with Naomi. She came to us in May 2013, presented by a woman we assume was her mother as "a gift". Naomi (or Maria Belen as we later found out was her birth name) was a very sick little girl. By God's grace, she was able to receive her needed surgeries; and today, she is a happy, growing, and thriving little girl. 

Naomi when she first came to Casa de Fe
Naomi, Christmas 2013

Would you consider helping us to provide care for Naomi? For only $45/month, you can become her sponsor. In so doing, you make it possible for Casa de Fe to continue to provide all that Naomi needs. For more information about sponsoring Naomi, please visit the Casa de Fe Sponsorship page.

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